Provide liquidity to the MIM-3LP3CRV pool!

Providing Liquidity to the MIM-3POOL

Clicking MIM3POOL will open the curve.fi website which allows you to produce MIM-3LP3CRV Liquidity pool tokens. As MIM is now listed on Curve, the deposit process will be similar to any other stablecoin Metapool available on the exchange!
In the example above, we are depositing 10.65 MIM, 62.32 DAI, 1.25 USDC and 0 USDT.
First things first, select the amount of stable coins you want to deposit in the pool using the box displayed above. You can choose to deposit whatever amount and combination of stable coins you desire, as long as you have them in your wallet! Secondly, select the gas fees you want to use. Please note that the "Fast" option is recommended.
After we have adjusted the values to our desire, we can double-check and then press the green DEPOSIT button.
The box underneath will give some more details on the current reserves of the MIM-3Crv Metapool!
After we have gone through all of the transactions we should have MIM-3LP3CRV tokens in our wallet. To see them, just add them to Metamask using this address 0x5a6a4d54456819380173272a5e8e9b9904bdf41b.

Farming on Curve

On the 17th of August 2021, our MIM-3CRV farming rewards have been migrated from our FARMS page to the Curve.fi website. Stake your tokens directly on the Gauge to earn both CRV and SPELL at the same time!
Last modified 5mo ago