Swapping assets

How to exchange a token A for a token B using MIMSwap

To Swap using MIMSwap, go to abracadabra.money and launch the app. This will take you to our community deployed and maintained interface.

From here, hit the MIMSwap button, available at the top of the page on desktop or in the side panel on mobile.

This is the MIM Swap landing page, from here you can select which assets you want to go from and to. In this example, we're swapping MIM for USDB on Blast. The interface will show you the expected amount of USDB you would receive, the price, the price impact as well as the minimum you could ever receive (any swap that would result in less USDB than this would not execute). The minimum received value can be configured to your liking using the gear icon on the top left corner. It also shows you the route used by the DEX to go from asset A to asset B. The 0.05% shown here refers to the fee charged by the pool for this swap. The fee is used to pay the Liquidity providers that facilitated the trade.

Here you can select your slippage tolerance, in percents, as well as a swap deadline. The deadline settings will prevent the swap from executing if it happens after 5 minutes in this example.

Once you're ready to swap, you can hit preview, which will show you a recap of your transaction, and then confirm it.

When swapping an ERC20 token for the first time, you will need to approve it to be used by MIMSwap.

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