My Positions

This page has several frames that allow users to interact and gather data about various aspects of their positions on It displays a complete view of the users positions, including Cauldrons, BentoBox and DegenBox balances, on all supported chains.

The Cauldrons view

The Cauldrons part of My Positions gives you an overview of all the positions you have in Abracadabra Cauldrons. You can sort and filter out this view by health Factor, Collateral deposited, MIM borrowed, APR or chains.

Clicking Manage on any of these will take you to the Cauldron's page to manage the position.

MIM Balance on Bentobox/Degenbox

This frame describes the amount of MIM that the user has on Bentobox or DegenBox, on any chain. MIM in the boxes usually comes from surplus obtained by the user when deleveraging. It can be withdrawn back to the wallet with one clic.

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