Abracadabra's governance ecosystem!

Since day one, abracadabra strives towards decentralization! Find here all the details regarding the governance system of our platform! For a general overview, please refer to this forum post here.

If you have any suggestions, please reach out to our team members on Discord!

Snapshot page

The governance of happens through a snapshot page that can be found here.

Once a proposal is passed, the team will implement it executing SPELL holders vote!

Voting power is given by holding sSPELL tokens (either in your wallet, as collateral in our sSPELL lending market or in any other contracts recognised by Abracadabra) or SPELL/ETH Sushiswap LP tokens(deposited in our farm)!

Discord and Forum

Feel free to use our discord channel │🏛│›-governance-discussion to dive into the proposal and discuss with the fellows' community members!

If you want a more in depth discussion, or explore the single proposals, we highly recommend joining our Forum here.

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