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Using LP tokens to Farm on Abracadabra

The FARM page of the website allows its user to add liquidity pool tokens and farm SPELL.
We can use ETH-SPELL LP tokens as an example, but the process will be the same for every asset. We will need to select in the drop down menu the ETH-SPELL POOL.
First, we need to APPROVE the spending of our ETH-SPELL LP tokens.
After this is complete, we simply press STAKE to deposit our ETH-SPELL LP tokens into the farm to start earning SPELL.
We can confirm that our deposit is successful by going in the Position page and scroll towards the end. We can also see the SPELL tokens that we earn in the EARNED thereas time progresses and we continue to cast this ritual spell.
We can now also the HARVEST and WITHDRAW buttons, to respectively harvest only the rewards or withdraw both staked tokens and rewards.
Last modified 4mo ago