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The markets section of the website displays a variety of ibTKNS that can be used as collateral. Here are some examples:


Across the top, you will see:
  • COMPONENT -These are the components you can use as collateral to borrow MIMs.
  • Total MIM Borrowed -This shows the total amount of MIM borrowed using that market.
  • LEFT TO BORROW -This shows how many MIMs are still available to be borrowed using that component. Once this number goes to 0, no leverage position or new loans can be opened. In order to borrow more MIM users need to wait for the replenishing of that particular market!
  • INTEREST -This is the annualized percentage of which your debt will grow each year.
  • LIQUIDATION FEE -This is the discount a liquidator will get when liquidating a position that has been flagged for liquidation.
To borrow some MIMs, simply click anywhere in the frame of the component you want to use as collateral.


Here you will see all the farming opportunities that can be found on Abracadabra. Abracadabra offers different farming opportunities where users can stake their LP tokens to farm SPELL tokens. This mechanism is used to keep deep liquidity on particular pairs. Farming is currently available on Ethereum for ETH-SPELL and MIM-3CRV LP tokens. Future incentivization programs for LP pairs can be voted on through the governance process when the governance portal goes live.
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