The Dashboard

Using the Dashboard

To access the DASHBOARD you should move your cursor over the wallet address above, and it will change to display DASHBOARD. Click this to enter the Dashboard page.
This page has several frames that allow users to interact and gather data about various aspects of their positions onโ€‹

MIM Balance on Bentobox

This frame describes the amount of MIM that the user has on Bentobox. Keep in mind that. as Abracadabra is using Kashi Technology. it interacts with Bentobox. Read more about what Bentobox is here.
After having Deleveraged your position, please consider checking your balance here, some MIMs may be sent to your Bentobox balance and you will be able to withdraw by clicking on the WITHDRAW button.

The Summary

This frame gives a user a quick summary of their current position totals.
  • TOTAL BORROWED - Displays the total amount of MIM tokens borrowed.
  • TOTAL COLLALTERALISED - Displays the USD value of all the ibTKNs supplied to all positions.
  • OPEN DEALS - Shows which types of ibTKNS are currently used as collateral.

Open Positions

The bottom of the page will show a summary of all the user's positions and how healthy they currently are.
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